Renee Sherkness

About Renee Sherkness

       Renee Sherkness attended Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science where she majored in Biology.  She earned her degree, Summa Cum Laude and her Academic Excellence Award for achievement in Early Childhood Education from Montgomery County Community College.

        Renee went on to work in various schools with children as a teacher and administrator for over 18 years. She later became certified as a Yoga instructor for children.

        Her passion for teaching, her deep love of nature and her respect for the environment are interests that are combined in her children’s stories. While her stories are educational and informative, they are written in a kid friendly manner meant to entertain children as well as awaken a child’s interest in nature and an awareness of the connection we all share with our environment. She hopes her books will inspire the reader to not only seek with their mind but also live from their heart. She has published Articles in the "Home Education Magazine" on yoga entitled: "Nana, Can We Play Yoga"? and on nature and the benefits to children entitled: "Come Outside And Play"

        Renee, widow, mother and now grandmother, lived in Berks/Montgomery County on a horse property and later in Royersford, Pennsylvania with her late husband and  her two dogs, Kiki and Maggie. She later relocated to the Jersey Shore for healing after her husband suddenly and tragicallly passed away. She currently resides once more in Montgomery County Pa. with the cherished memories of her late husband, where she enjoys spending time with her daughter and two grandchildren and continues to write children’s stories, promoting her works in honor of her late husband, her best friend.