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Include the book: "The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House" into your fall book readings for your kids! A great addition for any lesson planning on Autumn and season change..

A whimsical tale of Mother Nature and the mishap she has while painting her house and how she creates the beautiful colors and new season "Fall"! The book also incorporates information on tree conservation and ways children and grown-ups can protect the environment.. Also in information on a kid friendly explanation of the process of how leaves change their colors in fall which Ive included below..Beautiful illustrations and fun story of Mother Nature and her whimsical adventure discovering fall.. Available in print and e book on [ and discounted in larger quantities through website..



We’d like to believe Mother Nature is responsible for all of the leaves changing colors in the fall because she spilled her paint but, truthfully, that isn’t how it happens. So why do leaves change to such an array of colors during the fall season?

For a simple explanation, we can compare leaves to a painter’s palette, (which makes sense to me because seeing a forest of trees in the fall often reminds me of a watercolor painting)! To continue, the leaves’ palette consists of three canisters of paint with unique names. The green paint is called chlorophyll. The yellow is called xanthophyll. The orange paint is called carotene.

In the summer, the green is used quite a bit!

The green canisters in the leaves fill with sunlight. The green color covers up all of the other colors in the leaves.

To help keep the leaves green, the chlorophyll (or green canisters in the leaves) continues to need water from the ground. The water is soaked up by each tree’s roots, travels up the trunk, and enters the leaves through tiny tubes in their stem.

As fall approaches, the weather gets colder, and the tree realizes winter is near and begins to prepare for the change in season.

A thin layer of cells grows over the water tubes in the leaves and closes them up, in preparation for the winter. No more water can get into the leaf!

Without the water, the green chlorophyll canisters start to disappear. Then the other color canisters in the leaf--the yellow xanthophyll and the orange carotene colors--are able to show through.

The leaves don't really "turn" a certain color; they just stop using their green canister of paint.

So far, You now have an explanation for the green, yellow and orange colors seen, but what about the purple, reds and browns also seen sometimes?

Remember when you learned about the cells building a wall to cover the tubes in the leaf's stem, so the water couldn't get in anymore?

The sap/sugar in the trees uses the same tubes. When the wall covers the tubes, sometimes sugar gets trapped inside the leaf. This sugar may cause the leaves to turn red or purple. When this happens, the leaves turn red or purple.

What makes the leaves brown?

When water stops flowing into the leaves and no food is being made inside them, they start to die. If you compare it to the palette example, the whole palette of paint dries up.

General Fall Foliage Colors of Trees

Red: red maple, red oak, black cherry, sumac, and sassafras

Yellow/Orange: sugar maple, hickory, sycamore, basswood, aspen, tulip poplar, birch, chestnut oak, service berry, and black walnut

Brown: white oak, black oak, and beech


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Sung to Frere Jacques

Picking apples YOGA POSE: Mountain pose

Picking apples YOGA POSE: Stretch

Till we’re done

Till we’re done YOGA POSE: Mountain pose

Picking all the apples YOGA POSE: Stretch

Picking all the apples

Till were done YOGA POSE: Mountain pose

Till were done

Climb a ladder Motion: Climb

Climb a ladder

In a tree YOGA POSE: Tree pose one side

In a tree

Hello everybody Motion: Waving

Hello everybody

Look at me

In a tree YOGA POSE: Tree pose other side

Making apple sauce

Making Apple sauce

Swish swish swish YOGA POSE: Move side to side from hips

Swish swish swish

Pouring the apple sauce YOGA POSE: Stretch to one side

Pouring the apple sauce YOGA POSE: Stretch to other side

In a dish

In a dish

Eating the applesauce Motion: Eating motion hand to mouth

Eating apple sauce

Yum Yum Yum Motion: Rub tummy

Yum Yum Yum

Eating all the apple sauce Motion: Eating motion hand to mouth

Eating all the apple sauce

Now we’re done POSE: YOGA POSE: Sitting in Easy pose

Now we’re done

FREE Seuss Yoga poses below to celebrate the Doctor's Birthday! Happy Birthday this week Dr. Seuss! From: "NURTURING NATURE" collection of Books

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FREE Seuss Yoga poses below to celebrate the Doctor’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday this week Dr. Seuss!

From: "NURTURING NATURE" collection of Books



Books include:


"Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga" Stories for kids to practice yoga and include in any class lesson plan




Winston The Whale And The Blanket Of Darkness" Story incorporating Book on ocean conservation and friendship To accompany any lesson on oceans and sea creatures and friendship



"The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House" Whimsical book on seasons and fall foliage and leave change. Great book to incorporate into any lesson on seasons and leaves changing



All available on in U.S, Europe and U.K

See this website for free lesson plans and full lesson plans to purchase, book information, Books discounted and educational articles



Theodor Seuss Geisel, Dr. Seuss, was born in 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts.



Dr Seuss, beloved writer and illustrator brought a love of reading to generations of children. His unique way of looking at things taught us all important life lessons. So, to honor Mr. Geisel, here are some Yoga Poses to accompany some quotes from his memorable books.



Set an intention here or use this Mantra:



“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” (Happy Birthday to You)



Cat & Cow Pose



“We looked! Then we saw him step in on the mat! We looked!



And we saw him! The Cat in the Hat!” (Cat in the Hat)



Mountain Pose



“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!” (Oh, the Places You’ll Go!)



Eagle Pose



“You’ll get mixed up, of course, as you already know. You’ll get mixed up with many strange birds as you go. So be sure when you step. Step with care and great tact and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act. Just never forget to be dexterous and deft. And never mix up your right foot with your left.” (Oh, the Places You’ll Go!)



Turtle Pose



“And the turtles, of course… All the turtles are free- As turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be.” (Yertle the Turtle)



Child’s Pose



“A person’s a person, no matter how small.” (Horton Hears a Who!)







See FREE Yoga lesson plan below on RESPECT. Purchase the book: "Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga" on in U.S Europe and U.K and discounted through this website

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See FREE Yoga lesson plan below on RESPECT


In this tumultuous world today what better time to teach our children the meaning of respect for all.. Below is a FREE yoga lesson to incorporate into your classroom...Find Stories and relaxation exercises to practice yoga with your kids in book "Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga"available on in U.S, U.K and Europe..print and e book.


Also see this website with discounts on all my books and more lessons to incorporate into your classroom. Enjoy!


The Roots of Respect Yoga Activity:


Start a class about respect discussing the roots of the word:


“Re:” when “re” is in a word it means “again, back to the original place, with reference to” like in repeat, remind, resource. The “re” tell us to do something again.


“Spect” – means to look at. The words spectacle, spectator, or spectacles contain “spect.”


To respect is to look again, to go back and take another look. We take another look when we feel there is value, what we respect we hold in esteem. If we respect a teacher, we look to that teacher to teach us. If we respect a friend we want to go back to that friend.


Ask the kids, “What things do you respect?”




We respect ourselves, what we do (yoga), and each other by looking again. Let’s look as we sit in easy pose. Are you warm, cold, comfortable or uncomfortable?


Now warm-up with the Sun Salutation (or choose some other warm-ups). Then come back to easy pose. Look again at yourself. How do you feel now? Warmer? More comfortable? Less comfortable? Tired? Energized?


Looking at yourself again is Self-Respect. Knowing yourself lets you respect and take care of you!


Partner Yoga


What does it mean to respect your partner? Before you begin, look into your partners eyes and greet them. In partner yoga you look at yourself (self-respect) and also respect your partner.


Ask the kids: What could happen if you don’t respect your partner? (They could get hurt, you might stand on their foot without looking!)


Choose a few partner poses for the next part of the class. Look at your body to get it in the right position. Look again at your partner, are they okay? Then look again at your breath. Then look again at your muscles. Each time you look again, you will see that there are many layers to everything we do and understand that respect is about looking deeply, not just on the surface.


Yoga Story Pose Activity


Story: Andy the Ant: From the book: Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga. Read story while children practice yoga poses from story. (poses and instructions for story are included in book) In this lesson the message is “We respect each other no matter how big or how small”..


A Kids Yoga Game for Respect


This game helps children understand why we need to take another look, to help understand what respect is:


One child stands at the front of the class with all the other children looking at them. They have 30 – 60 seconds to look at the child as everyone does the pose (tree, cobra, butterfly,downward dog – any pose where the children can look at the front without hurting their neck. Pose instructions are available in book "Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga") Try to remember everything you can about the child.


Then all the kids rest in child pose with eyes kept closed. The teacher calls out questions and the kids call out their answers to see how much they can remember. What yoga pose did they do? What color is their shirt? Pants? Shoes? Eyes? Were they wearing jewelry? What style is their hair? etc.


Repeat the game or repeat with 2 or 3 children at the front for a real challenge. Take a few minutes to rest


Discussion Questions:


How did this game help you understand what respect is? How does looking again show respect?


Sometimes we look at a person and because of how they look (short or tall, underweight or overweight, old or young) we think we don’t need to look any further. We judge the person based on one look. How is this related to respect? Is it dis-respectful to do this? Why or why not? Has this ever happened to you?


Relaxation Exercise


Practice the Relaxation visualization from the book: Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga




Nurturing Nature collections of books: Connecting"with care" to our world

Books available on in U.S, U.K and Europe

Discounted through website or email

Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga

The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House

Winston The Whale And Blanket Of Darkness


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NURTURING NATURE: Connecting "with care" to our world













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With a joyful but hectic holiday season coming to a close for many of us and a New Year Approaching what better way to begin your New Year with your children/students or your whole entire family then with a Yoga Relaxation Exercise.. Let the intention for peace and unity, tolerance and love in our world overshadow any intentions for turbulence, hate and divisiveness that may exist in our world this new year and every day of our lives.. Namaste….






Have the children (and you) lie down on their backs



Tell the children to take a



deep inhale and tighten the muscles in their entire






(Start with the feet, the legs, the hips, belly,



chest, neck, shoulders and arms,



don’t forget the elbows– Exhale and relax.)



At this time you can play one of your favorite



relaxation songs or see the relaxation exercise in my book: “Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga”






When you are ready, have the children sit up and



put their hands at their hearts.



Have them repeat after you:



“May there be peace in your heart



May there be peace in your home



May there be peace in your school and



May there be peace in the world”



You may end by sitting in Butterfly Pose with children asking them: And who does peace begin with?



Children and you sing:



Peace begins with me, peace begins with me



That is where peace begins, peace begins with me



(sing to the tune of Farmer in the Dell)










"The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House" for Autumn Lessons

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Autumn is upon us! We can feel the crispness in the air as we walk outside each day now.. Soon we will begin to see the changing of the leaves and once again experience the water color painting mother nature has displayed for us..What better time to share the book: The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House with your students then now! Available on in U.S and Europe..A great book to incorporate into lesson planning on season changes, why leaves change colors and tree conservation..


As Patricia Dischler:National Association For Family Child Care/NAFCC President explains in her review of this book:


"The Day Mother Nature Decided To Her Paint House", shares a story about how the season of Fall was discovered. Mother Nature is looking to spruce up her house and paint the walls and she looks to Father Time for help. Colors are selected and placed in each room, but an accident results in a beautiful discovery and the new season is born. Children will love the beautiful colors and illustrations throughout the book and the story does more than just introduce seasons, it encourages conversation with the child.


The supplemental information at the end of the book are perfect for teachers and parents to use in expanding the lessons of the book and answering the many questions about the seasons and trees that children may have. It’s a great start to a full lesson on seasons. The glossary and resources included also help teachers to expand on the lesson.


Sherkness brings the magic of the seasons to life through story and engages children in exploring this topic. " is not only a terrific storybook for children but a valuable resource for teachers and parents."


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Often there are moments in my life when things get so busy I don’t know if I’m coming or going. It is also often at these most trying moments when I have my "ah ha" moment as some say or a life lesson as I like to call it...Today was one of those days..

It has come to my attention my life has been high jacked! I am no longer in the driver’s seat! It’s as if I am being pulled in so many directions the last few months, and while I often feel I have become more and more elastic and rubbery with age I am feeling myself start to, for a better word "snap"!

My dogs, now geriatric age are starting to need more and more care and the added struggles they face are becoming very challenging for me and my fiancé...The question of when and if I may need to say goodbye to them weighs heavy on my heart more and more each day...

A once in a life time trip, a year in the planning for my fiancé and I along with my daughter, son in law and two grandchildren to Disney World is about to take place and I am feeling more and more overwhelmed with decisions on our itinerary, restaurant choices, who’s' ride we go on first and which Disney character we should take a picture with! Thank you Walt Disney!! Lol

In addition my grandchildren are beginning school in the next two weeks and I have offered to help in their preparation which means trips to "Staples" for school supply list that seem way too long, back pack choices, I can’t even fathom how many books can fit into these packs, and visits to school before school begins to ease and comfort my grandchildren for those first day jitters. Welcome to Grand parenting!

So as you can see in addition to my every day list of plans, life here has begun to spiral into the land of chaos and stress!!

I’ve taken to my coping mechanisms I often use during these stress provoking times... I’ve begun my list making but seem to have lost my list the last few times I’ve made them... I’ve endeavored to stick to my yoga and exercise routines in attempt to alleviate the stress but have been stressing myself out worrying about trying to find the time to keep to my routine!

This morning when I awoke thinking of all the things I had to do and worrying about all the decisions I had to make and all the plans that had to be taken care, I thought I had forgotten my friend’s birthday.. I texted my Pastor friend of mine to ask her if her birthday was this week to be informed it was 6 months away! It was then that I realized I had been thinking way too much about what I had to do and not enough time enjoying what I was doing!!

How many times have we all done this..? We concentrate more on planning our lives and worrying about what to do or not do and in the process we miss out on all the gifts we are given in our lives! It was at this moment today my life lesson was revealed to me…God gave us time here on earth and all its wonders and beauty for us to enjoy..."Life" is a is a privilege we are given for 24 hours each and every day we live.. Yes granted with this privilege come the task of acting respectfully responsibly to our world and all here in it, but what a gift we are given to enjoy!

I paused in my thoughts this morning and took a deep breath.. my mind set began to change…

Rather than worry about my dogs today and when they have to be put down I began to thank God I still had them and the love they still offer me every morning when I wake up! Instead of worrying about if everything will go perfect and according to planned at Disney I started to cry tears of joy that I am so blessed to be able to experience this trip with people I love so much. And aren’t I lucky to have two healthy grandchildren and live to see them going off to another year of school!

I lost my mom this year and four years ago my husband…. I’ve come to realize, (or thought I had) how short life is and the true blessing it is to be able to share time with those we love and enjoy life’s gifts and pleasures! But life’s daily activities, for all of us I think, too often distract us from the things we should cherish in life... and we lose sight of the things we know in our hearts to be true and forget what really matters. It had for me...I had let life’s “busyness” distract me from what I had learned from my life’s journey and previous experiences... Maybe we need these times of stress and chaos to pull us back to the important lessons of life and the realization to the fact that it is a blessing to be alive and how grateful we should be for all the good in our lives and around us every day...

After My Pastor friend texted her birthday wasn’t for 6 more months she wrote... “Peace my friend, God has it all together. Just walk faithfully in Gods footsteps”...and all will be ok.

So, after I took my deep breath, made myself a cup I coffee, I laughed to my dogs lying beside me and thought to myself... Look out Disney world, here we come and we sure are going to have a lot of fun!!!

And if my Life has been high jacked I'm just praying God's doing the driving!


Renee Sherkness


Author of


Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga


The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House


Winston The Whale And The Blanket Of Darkness


Available in U.S and Europe on amazon,com


see her blog on her "thought I'd share" page on her website at



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Below is an excerpt from the children's book: "WINSTON THE WHALE AND THE BLANKET OF DARKNESS". Available on Great for summer lessons..


Winston The Whale And The Blanket Of Darkness, a children's book on ocean conservation, tells the story of Winston The Humpback Whale and his albatross friend, Lea-Le and the perils they faces from oil spills and pollution in their home, the ocean. A wonderful additional resource for summer lesson plans on ocean conservation and the effects of pollution for any family or educational program.


This book, as with all my books from my NURTURING NATURE COLLECTION, contain informative websites, glossary, and resources for further discussion and extended lesson planning information on the stories subject matter to educate and help our environment and create a healthier “world” and a healthier “us”. available on and on my website:




"Winston began to swim back to the place he had left Lea-Le, as fast as he could. From a distance, Winston could see a large ship with broken tanks spilling the “blanket of darkness” from its side. He knew if he couldn’t get to Lea-Le in time she would be covered by the oily, slimy mess. He had to save Lea-Le! When he reached the rocks where Lea-Le had been, he saw her and the other sea birds in the water, frantically trying to free themselves from the thick film surrounding them. Winston wanted to cry when he saw all the birds trapped and unable to fly. He had to find a way to help them. Winston thought for a moment and then came up with a plan".......



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Doing any coloring activity with your kids?

Why not add a yoga pose to color into the mix!! And practice the pose with your kids!! Yoga is a great way to include movement and a healthy activity into your children's day and have fun!

Include the book: "Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga" with lots of kid friendly stories to practice yoga with.. Information on yoga and its' benefits, Stories to practice yoga with yoga pose instructions included and relaxation exercise..Available on on website:


From the Nurturing Nature Collection of books : Connecting "with care" to our world


Books include:


Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga


Winston The Whale And The Blanket Of Darkness: on ocean conservation and Humpback Whales


The Day Mother Nature Decided to Paint Her House: On season change and tree conservation