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See FREE Yoga lesson plan below on RESPECT. Purchase the book: "Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga" on in U.S Europe and U.K and discounted through this website

Posted by reneesherkness on February 20, 2017 at 11:05 AM

See FREE Yoga lesson plan below on RESPECT


In this tumultuous world today what better time to teach our children the meaning of respect for all.. Below is a FREE yoga lesson to incorporate into your classroom...Find Stories and relaxation exercises to practice yoga with your kids in book "Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga"available on in U.S, U.K and Europe..print and e book.


Also see this website with discounts on all my books and more lessons to incorporate into your classroom. Enjoy!


The Roots of Respect Yoga Activity:


Start a class about respect discussing the roots of the word:


“Re:” when “re” is in a word it means “again, back to the original place, with reference to” like in repeat, remind, resource. The “re” tell us to do something again.


“Spect” – means to look at. The words spectacle, spectator, or spectacles contain “spect.”


To respect is to look again, to go back and take another look. We take another look when we feel there is value, what we respect we hold in esteem. If we respect a teacher, we look to that teacher to teach us. If we respect a friend we want to go back to that friend.


Ask the kids, “What things do you respect?”




We respect ourselves, what we do (yoga), and each other by looking again. Let’s look as we sit in easy pose. Are you warm, cold, comfortable or uncomfortable?


Now warm-up with the Sun Salutation (or choose some other warm-ups). Then come back to easy pose. Look again at yourself. How do you feel now? Warmer? More comfortable? Less comfortable? Tired? Energized?


Looking at yourself again is Self-Respect. Knowing yourself lets you respect and take care of you!


Partner Yoga


What does it mean to respect your partner? Before you begin, look into your partners eyes and greet them. In partner yoga you look at yourself (self-respect) and also respect your partner.


Ask the kids: What could happen if you don’t respect your partner? (They could get hurt, you might stand on their foot without looking!)


Choose a few partner poses for the next part of the class. Look at your body to get it in the right position. Look again at your partner, are they okay? Then look again at your breath. Then look again at your muscles. Each time you look again, you will see that there are many layers to everything we do and understand that respect is about looking deeply, not just on the surface.


Yoga Story Pose Activity


Story: Andy the Ant: From the book: Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga. Read story while children practice yoga poses from story. (poses and instructions for story are included in book) In this lesson the message is “We respect each other no matter how big or how small”..


A Kids Yoga Game for Respect


This game helps children understand why we need to take another look, to help understand what respect is:


One child stands at the front of the class with all the other children looking at them. They have 30 – 60 seconds to look at the child as everyone does the pose (tree, cobra, butterfly,downward dog – any pose where the children can look at the front without hurting their neck. Pose instructions are available in book "Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga") Try to remember everything you can about the child.


Then all the kids rest in child pose with eyes kept closed. The teacher calls out questions and the kids call out their answers to see how much they can remember. What yoga pose did they do? What color is their shirt? Pants? Shoes? Eyes? Were they wearing jewelry? What style is their hair? etc.


Repeat the game or repeat with 2 or 3 children at the front for a real challenge. Take a few minutes to rest


Discussion Questions:


How did this game help you understand what respect is? How does looking again show respect?


Sometimes we look at a person and because of how they look (short or tall, underweight or overweight, old or young) we think we don’t need to look any further. We judge the person based on one look. How is this related to respect? Is it dis-respectful to do this? Why or why not? Has this ever happened to you?


Relaxation Exercise


Practice the Relaxation visualization from the book: Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga




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