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Posted by reneesherkness on August 26, 2016 at 11:10 AM


Often there are moments in my life when things get so busy I don’t know if I’m coming or going. It is also often at these most trying moments when I have my "ah ha" moment as some say or a life lesson as I like to call it...Today was one of those days..

It has come to my attention my life has been high jacked! I am no longer in the driver’s seat! It’s as if I am being pulled in so many directions the last few months, and while I often feel I have become more and more elastic and rubbery with age I am feeling myself start to, for a better word "snap"!

My dogs, now geriatric age are starting to need more and more care and the added struggles they face are becoming very challenging for me and my fiancé...The question of when and if I may need to say goodbye to them weighs heavy on my heart more and more each day...

A once in a life time trip, a year in the planning for my fiancé and I along with my daughter, son in law and two grandchildren to Disney World is about to take place and I am feeling more and more overwhelmed with decisions on our itinerary, restaurant choices, who’s' ride we go on first and which Disney character we should take a picture with! Thank you Walt Disney!! Lol

In addition my grandchildren are beginning school in the next two weeks and I have offered to help in their preparation which means trips to "Staples" for school supply list that seem way too long, back pack choices, I can’t even fathom how many books can fit into these packs, and visits to school before school begins to ease and comfort my grandchildren for those first day jitters. Welcome to Grand parenting!

So as you can see in addition to my every day list of plans, life here has begun to spiral into the land of chaos and stress!!

I’ve taken to my coping mechanisms I often use during these stress provoking times... I’ve begun my list making but seem to have lost my list the last few times I’ve made them... I’ve endeavored to stick to my yoga and exercise routines in attempt to alleviate the stress but have been stressing myself out worrying about trying to find the time to keep to my routine!

This morning when I awoke thinking of all the things I had to do and worrying about all the decisions I had to make and all the plans that had to be taken care, I thought I had forgotten my friend’s birthday.. I texted my Pastor friend of mine to ask her if her birthday was this week to be informed it was 6 months away! It was then that I realized I had been thinking way too much about what I had to do and not enough time enjoying what I was doing!!

How many times have we all done this..? We concentrate more on planning our lives and worrying about what to do or not do and in the process we miss out on all the gifts we are given in our lives! It was at this moment today my life lesson was revealed to me…God gave us time here on earth and all its wonders and beauty for us to enjoy..."Life" is a is a privilege we are given for 24 hours each and every day we live.. Yes granted with this privilege come the task of acting respectfully responsibly to our world and all here in it, but what a gift we are given to enjoy!

I paused in my thoughts this morning and took a deep breath.. my mind set began to change…

Rather than worry about my dogs today and when they have to be put down I began to thank God I still had them and the love they still offer me every morning when I wake up! Instead of worrying about if everything will go perfect and according to planned at Disney I started to cry tears of joy that I am so blessed to be able to experience this trip with people I love so much. And aren’t I lucky to have two healthy grandchildren and live to see them going off to another year of school!

I lost my mom this year and four years ago my husband…. I’ve come to realize, (or thought I had) how short life is and the true blessing it is to be able to share time with those we love and enjoy life’s gifts and pleasures! But life’s daily activities, for all of us I think, too often distract us from the things we should cherish in life... and we lose sight of the things we know in our hearts to be true and forget what really matters. It had for me...I had let life’s “busyness” distract me from what I had learned from my life’s journey and previous experiences... Maybe we need these times of stress and chaos to pull us back to the important lessons of life and the realization to the fact that it is a blessing to be alive and how grateful we should be for all the good in our lives and around us every day...

After My Pastor friend texted her birthday wasn’t for 6 more months she wrote... “Peace my friend, God has it all together. Just walk faithfully in Gods footsteps”...and all will be ok.

So, after I took my deep breath, made myself a cup I coffee, I laughed to my dogs lying beside me and thought to myself... Look out Disney world, here we come and we sure are going to have a lot of fun!!!

And if my Life has been high jacked I'm just praying God's doing the driving!


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