Renee Sherkness

Services Offered


In addition to purchasing any of Renee’s books, services are offered to help extend the book experience.

 Programs and workshops can be presented to schools, daycares, camp programs, book stores, libraries, adults/children’s groups and organizations, fitness establishments, children’s celebrations and/or functions, community events, Earth Day events, health fairs etc…

Book Signings/Readings and Presentations on all of her books

with information on nature and conservation/activity included

Lesson Plans offered

Renee Sherkness is excited to offer her unique theme based yoga lesson plans that are specifically structured to evoke a healthy activity to any child's day or classroom settin and sure to be alot of fun!

 Yoga Workshops for educators and yoga instructors

See: Blog/Thought I"d share spot on this website for postings of inspirational articles and FREE lesson planning ideas for educators/children's groups,day cares, nature organizations and children's yoga instructors etc...

For more information on ordering any of the above services please click on this sites website pages: "Contact"