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Book Review by Patricia Dischler Author/Speaker

National Association For Family Child Care/NAFCC President Elect

NAFCC Accreditation Publicity/WFCCA Board Member

WI Early Learning Coalition

Recipient of the 2007 WFCCA Governor's Award

In Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga, author Renee Sherkness shares with teachers and parents stories for children that engage the child as they act out the story through yoga exercises. Easy to use for those with no yoga experience, the book provides lots of specific instruction for poses and background information for using yoga with children. Each story not only allows the child to get physically involved and feel a part of the story, but includes a moral lesson such as patience or kindness.

The stories can be shared simply on their own merit to inspire children, but the combination of the yoga poses and the story bring them to life. Children learn breathing, stretching, and how to be more in tune with their mind, body and spirit. Sherkness shows readers the benefits of yoga and how to use yoga to encourage exercise, meditation and self-awareness with children. Children are drawn in by the stories and the exercise is fun.

Stories That Come Alive is a wonderful tool for teachers and parents looking to add fun exercise into their children’s day, reduce stress, and include activities that are engaging for both children and themselves. The moral lessons have big impact as the children act them out through the yoga poses, making Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga a must-have for every teacher or parents’ resource library.

Tiffany Rachann/Lead Developer, Imagiread Consulting Services LLC

Imagiread Family Literacy Program

The commitment I am most excited about in welcoming the season is starting to do Yoga with the boys. Yup, I said it-yoga in the same sentence as boys. I love Yoga and I think it's high time my boys did too. I have the perfect plan with the perfect read in mind. It is "Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga" by Renee Sherkness and it's beyond comprehensive. It's perfect for teaching them because it goes beyond poses helping me to tie it all in. The stories in this read are amazing and I am most excited about not having to fumble with my phone in the park while reiterating which pose does what. It's a must have read especially if you love Yoga.

 Jackie Ward/Administrator

PleasanTime Child Care Center, Inc.
725 W. Water Street
Cambridge, WI 53523
Namaste! I spoke with my team members and they shared their insight on what a difference you have made in their lives with your passion for yoga. They have tried the games & the children love it. I am thrilled to continue your passion as I incorporate yoga into our school age curriculum this summer.  I continue to be grateful that our paths crossed & continue to be in gratitude for your training not only for myself but for my team which raises the bar of expectation for our clients.
 I am grateful to share my inspiration that Renee has inspired our team at PleasanTime Child Care Center, Inc. on April 28 in Cambridge, Wisconsin. Renee shared her passion for yoga. We were amazed at the great ideas she shared though games and activities from her book "Stories That Come Alive Throughout Yoga'. This is a must have for your library in your classroom. The "magic water" is sensational too. In this busy, instant world we live in providing the techniques to cultivate more calm, focus and positive energy is truly a gift to the children and yourself as a teacher. Take the opportunity to invite Renee to your center,  or host a group training. You will be truly amazed at the outcome when you bring yoga to your program daily.
With Appreciation & Gratitude,
Judy Heany/Owner and Instructor
 Balance Pilates and Yoga Studio
Cape May N.J
Hi, Renee!
Thanks for presenting.
I've gotten some great feedback from the attendees.
I think the last piece where you took us through a class was the best part for me. And really fun.
Everyone loves the book too.
So thanks for approaching me when you moved, I am now crafting the schedule for the fall and beyond and will contact you if it looks like there might be opportunity for other trainings or to host a kids class.
Thanks again,

Judy Fuhrer, Owner and Instructor
Jazrun Yoga Studio

Chappaqua, N.Y

 I love Renee Sherkness' yoga book.  My classes have especially enjoyed bringing the story of "The Three Warriors" into life and movement. Thank you.
Message from Jodi B Komitor/Next Generation Yoga, Founder

Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga with Kids

Renee ~I am thrilled to be able to get back to you & say that I have read your book ~ congratulations girl, it certainly is a wonderful addition/accomplishment!  I love the idea of teaching yoga through storytelling and know teachers really desire lesson plans. A great resource truly...

Thanks Renee~

Love  Jodi – Id love to give a shout out to you on the Next Generation Yoga fan page. 

Jane Diorio/Montessori Coordinator  Co-curricular Coordinator

In reviewing Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga, as an educator and a mom I was struck by the ease it would be to bring Yoga to life with limited or no experience in Yoga. For adults highly involved in the practice of Yoga it would answer the question of how to share a passion with your child at the proper developmental level. I believe this author’s insights express this sentiment in an encouraging way that gives the adult the confidence to jump into something that may be a new experience for all involved. The story format is a wonderful way to bring children to a reflective moment for many of life’s important lessons. One could imagine each of these stories with Yoga poses to practice, explanation of lessons to be learned, followed by a child’s story to stand on its own as a book in a series of books titled Stores that Come Alive Through Yoga. As an administrator in a school that offers yoga in our PS and Kindergarten curriculum as well as having the pleasure of Renee Sherkness guiding yoga lessons in our early grades in our co-curricular program, I can confidently say books of this nature would be of interest and I now know why Renee’s course is so popular.

 Abigail Billings

Day Care Owner, At Home with Abby Home Daycare

Mommy Moments with Abby Blog

Renee offers in the book:Stories that Come Alive Through Yoga, not just stories to put yoga poses to, but tells you instructions on how to get into each yoga pose.  It makes it easier to follow the flow of the stories.  In each story the name of the pose to do is shown in parenthesis.  The pose instructions are at the beginning story, so you know how to do each pose as they come up and you can see the story come to life.
The stories are kid friendly with topics like Deanna the Dancer and Sammy the Snake there is a topic for all ages and all interests,when you run a daycare this is a must!!!!!  If you are looking for ways to work out with your kids, need idea's for your kid's yoga class or ways to help center your class in general, or you are looking for easy flows for yourself contact Renee Sherkness at her website or order her book linked below on my blog!

 Angela Moored (MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2)/Owner of O Mazing Kids Yoga/Speech and Language Pathologist

Looking for the stories for kids that nurture the mind, body and the spirit? "Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga" by Renee Sherkness is a gem!!...The author’s love of children & yoga shines through…. She clearly poured her heart into this book. Namaste  

 Debbie Logan/Children's yoga instructor/Mother/Contest winner of the book: Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga 

Dear Renee,

I received the book in the mail yesterday. Thank you! I am very happy with it.

Last night I read the stories to my 7 year old daughter. After each one, she asked if I could read another. Well done! I look forward to using the book in my kids’ classes.



Beth Ashcom/Wife & Mother/Realtor

My daughter, Rebecca attended Yoga classes with Renee and had a wonderful experience. She found that the instruction was clear and detailed. She was able to follow along with ease and if she found a move difficult, Renee would take the time to give her or any other student individual attention during the class. If a student still had difficulty, Renee would stay after class to make sure that they understood the movement and were comfortable with the lesson that was taught.

As a parent, I felt comfortable leaving my child under Renee's instruction. She conducted class in a safe atmosphere and her love for children was evident from start to finish.

Maureen Olson/Wife & Mother

Hi Renee, Just a short note to let you know how much we enjoyed yoga with you. Grace found the class pleasant and fun. Hopefully we can do it again soon. You are a very patient woman, providing a soft loving touch for the future by helping children to get in touch with their emotions and body. A very needed service! Thank you for devoting your time to such a worthwhile endeavor.

Lisa Quinn/Wife & Mother

My daughter, Victoria, who is 8 ½ has many extracurricular activities. One of which used to be Yoga with Renee Sherkness. When she attended yoga class every week, it relaxed her and made her focused. She was a natural at it. Just from experiencing with my own daughter, I believe yoga for children is extremely beneficial. It strengthens and elongates not just the body but the mind as well. She was a much more relaxed, focused and flexible child from practicing it. If I have the opportunity to enroll her in another yoga class whether it be with Renee or another instructor, I would not hesitate to do so. I would strongly encourage any parent to have their child try yoga. Boy or girl. It is definitely one activity that doesn’t discriminate against gender, ability or even lack of ability. And if your child is as lucky as mine was to have an instructor like Renee Sherkness, who is dedicated and loves what she does, then that child will be better for it.

Have you ever thought about doing Yoga with the children in your care?  How about combining that with literacy?  Renee Sherkness has written about her book Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga, for the community!  Find out why you would want to do yoga with your children and get a sneak peak into the book that helps you do it.

Deep Nishar Senior Vice President,

Renee, congratulations! You have one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012 With sincere thanks

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Book Review by Patricia Dischler Author/Speaker

National Association For Family Child Care/NAFCC President Elect

NAFCC Accreditation Publicity/WFCCA Board Member

WI Early Learning Coalition

Recipient of the 2007 WFCCA Governor's Award

In The Day Mother Nature Decided To Her Paint House, author Renee Sherkness shares a story about how the season of Fall was discovered. Mother Nature is looking to spruce up her house and paint the walls and she looks to Father Time for help. Colors are selected and placed in each room, but an accident results in a beautiful discovery and the new season is born. Children will love the beautiful colors and illustrations throughout the book and the story does more than just introduce seasons, it encourages conversation with the child.

The supplemental information at the end of the book are perfect for teachers and parents to use in expanding the lessons of the book and answering the many questions about the seasons and trees that children may have. It’s a great start to a full lesson on seasons. The glossary and resources included also help teachers to expand on the lesson.

Sherkness brings the magic of the seasons to life through story and engages children in exploring this topic. The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House is not only a terrific storybook for children but a valuable resource for teachers and parents.

 Paulette Sabatelli
Retired educator

Great book Renee! Cleverly written book for children of all ages for classrooms or home. Informative educational section about fall/autumn trees, leaves, and great resources. As a veteran teacher, I look forward to sharing this with my granddaughter and recommending it to other educators.       

Angela Mendez
Wife/Mother of 9 year old

... I enjoyed a bonding experience with my child while being taken on a journey of fun -filled learning at the same time with this book. Renee manages to tap into a child's imagination with a wonderfully entertaining story while also teaching about autumns changing of the leaves. Fabulous illustrations!

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Dolphin Research Center's (DRC) Educational Department approves Renee's book on ocean conservation:"Winston The Whale And The Blanket Of Darkness"

Message from Capt. Schumann

Captain Schumann’s Big Blue Sightseer,Wildwood New Jersey

I appoint "Winston the Whale" as ambassador of the seas. If reading about Winston’s concern for his ocean friends can suggest to our children and their parents that we all need to work together to survive, what a great world it could be. Thanks Renee!  What’s next on your voyage with Winston?

 Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation  

Often we are looking for children books that are entertaining and informative. "Winston the Whale and the Blanket of Darkness" is one of these books, a heartwarming story for children ages 4 and up.