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  Being a former educator, children’s yoga instructor,mother and grandmother, I know how important and sometimes challenging it is to find entertaining and educational literature that can inspire children to want to learn about our world. This is one of the reasons I have created a collection of books entitled: The Nurturing Nature Series: Connecting “with care” to our world. If you were to sum up the premise of my books in one sentence it would be: Books that broaden your world; expand your mind; and inspire you to connect to the nature outside and your feelings within. 

 In today’s world, knowledge of our environment, ways to care for our world and lifestyles which help us to live healthier lives can be likened to seeds requiring nurturing from all of us, especially our young, to ensure our future.

 Once nourished by the light of the sun these seeds take root, they sprout their stems and the branches grow big and strong! And like Jack and his Beanstalk we can ascend these boughs and embark on a journey to healthier lives and a better world.

 It is my wish that through my books a seed is planted, a ray of sunshine sparkles in you, branches are grown and your journey will begin. May your journey be well-lit, entertaining and informative for both young and old. And may our world be a better place because of this.