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Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga

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 Looking for a great way to share Yoga with your children? In the new book Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga children and families are able to share a healthy moment together practicing yoga through kid friendly stories with illustrations specifically written for yoga, with breathing exercises and relaxation visualization.  Also information is given to what yoga is and it's benefits and how it has impacted the authors life and others. A great "go to" book for  instructors or families wanting to share a healthy moment with their children!  It was created as a way to express to parents, grandparents, teachers and fitness instructors, or anyone for that matter new or old to yoga, who interacts with children ages 4 to 11 years old, how to share the experience of yoga with their child/children.  

Stories that Come Alive through Yoga is a fun, informative, and entertaining instructional book for children and adults to experience yoga. It is a tool to assist adults to connect with the children they interact with in a fun and healthy way. This book can help adults much like all of us, who have become bogged down with the mundane in life, to enter a child’s world for the purpose of both adult and child experiencing a happier, healthier, and more balanced life. The “gift” shared is one that is fun and entertaining and certain to become a memory children and their parents will cherish for a long, long time.  If I had to convey the essence of this book in a few words, those words would be:stories that nurture the mind, the body and the spirit. 

Some messages from parents and educators who viewed the book: 

Book review excerpt by Patricia Dischler

National Association For Family Child Care/NAFCC President Elect

Stories That Come Alive is a wonderful tool for teachers and parents looking to add fun exercise into their children’s day, reduce stress, and include activities that are engaging for both children and themselves. The moral lessons have big impact as the children act them out through the yoga poses, making Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga a must-have for every teacher or parents’ resource library.

Message from Jodi B Komitor

Next Generation Yoga, Founder

Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga with Kids

Renee ~I am thrilled to be able to get back to you & say that I have read your book ~ congratulations girl, it certainly is a wonderful addition/accomplishment!  I love the idea of teaching yoga through storytelling and know teachers really desire lesson plans. A great resource truly...

Thanks Renee~


– Id love to give a shout out to you on the Next Generation Yoga fan page.  



The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House

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In The Day Mother Nature Decided to Paint Her House, children 4 and older are introduced to the whimsical character, Mother Nature, as she enlist the aid of her dear friend Father Time to help her paint her house. In her attempt to paint her house, an unexpected calamity turns out to be the creation of the season autumn, with the changing colors of the leaves on the trees.

Children/ parents and educators will be amused with the adventures they share with Mother Nature. At the same time children will gain an understanding of the four seasons, and discover in the glossary and summary at the end of the book how and why leaves “really” change colors in the fall.

Children are also informed as to the importance of trees and ways to help the trees in our environment. They are exposed to web sites for further information on tree conservation and places to visit and experience the beauty of the fall foliage. This is a great resource book for teachers as well as parents wanting to introduce the four seasons to their student/child and also begin a discussion on forest conservation and recycling!

Some messages from parents and educators who viewed the book:

Book review excerpt by Patricia Dischler

National Association For Family Child Care/NAFCC President Elect

Sherkness brings the magic of the seasons to life through story and engages children in exploring this topic. The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House is not only a terrific storybook for children but a valuable resource for teachers and parents.

 Great Renee! Cleverly written book for children of all ages for classrooms or home. Informative educational section about fall/autumn trees, leaves, and great resources. As a veteran teacher, I look forward to sharing this with my granddaughter and recommending it to other educators.       
Paulette Sabatelli
Retired educator

.. I enjoyed a bonding experience with my child while being taken on a journey of fun -filled learning at the same time. Renee manages to tap into a child's imagination with a wonderfully entertaining story while also teaching about autumns changing of the leaves. Fabulous illustrations!
Angela Mendez
Wife/Mother of 9 year old


Winston the Whale And The Blanket Of Darkness

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 Ripped from our headlines today, Winston the Whale and the Blanket of Darkness is a heartwarming story for children ages 4 and up.  It tells the tale of Winston, a humpback whale and the perils he must face because of the pollution contaminating his home. Follow Winston and his friends, through words and illustrations as they encounter the danger and the beauty that exists in their home, the ocean. See what happens when Winston and his fellow sea life, including his dear Albatross friend Lea Le come face to face with an oil spill (the Blanket of Darkness) and must escape before it is too late. WILL THEY ESCAPE IN TIME? WILL THEY HAVE TO LEAVE THEIR HOME? Find out in this educational and entertaining children’s story that will introduce your child to the connection we all share with our environment.

 Included at the end of this story, is a glossary of words with definitions to help children learn more about the characters in the story. In addition there are web sites to go to for further information about oil spills and other pollutants. Places to visit for further information about our oceans and what we can do to help save our oceans are also included. A wonderful resource book for parents and educators on ocean topics including protecting our oceans!

 It is my hope that Winston the Whale and the Blanket of Darkness give children and their parents an entertaining and informative journey into our ocean environment.  

 Message from Capt. Schumann

Captain Schumann’s Big Blue Sightseer,Wildwood New Jersey

I appoint "Winston the Whale" as ambassador of the seas. If reading about Winston’s concern for his ocean friends can suggest to our children and their parents that we all need to work together to survive, what a great world it could be. Thanks Renee!  What’s next on your voyage with Winston?


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